Vapor Control on Temporary Storage Tanks Requires Real Time Analysis

Vapor Control on Temporary Storage Tanks Requires Real Time Analysis

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Envent was contracted to provide vapor control on two temporary storage tanks placed at a recovery and recycle area. The system abated vapors from temporary tanks that held rinse water. The water contained low levels of VOC founded in the vac truck rinse water and the roll-off bin rinse water. This project required a close analysis of the different parameters since the vapor flow and VOC’s concentration had a great variability. Normally Envent provides once/daily monitoring for a certain amount of time until the system becomes idle, then adjusts it to weekly monitoring. In this case, this was not an option since the inlet was continuously changing.


There was a need to select the equipment accordingly to handle the vapor flow and products. Calculations were required every time the water recovered showed distinct components and/or ppm concentrations. If the concentration increased to a certain percentage, the amount of carbon, or even the system arrangement, would need to be reevaluated based on the SCAQMD permitted limits and the adsorption capability of the material used. If needed, depending on the pollutants presented a different type of carbon would be used. Envent provided two EVAC 2000 SCAQMD permitted vapor control system pre-loaded with 1000 lbs of carbon in each vessel. In addition, Envent procured two 500 BBL temporary storage tanks.


Envent always tries to adapt each project to the equipment and permits available so that their clients get the system that suits them the best. Due to the uncertainty of this project, our major concern was how to provide a cost-effective solution continuously and, at the same time, guarantee compliance with the emission limits.


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