Port Arthur Refinery – H2S Scrubber Control

Port Arthur Refinery – H2S Scrubber Control

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A customer was facing EPA fines in the tens of thousands of dollars per day for the release of H2S and VOC’s to atmosphere from a tank not permitted to contain H2S-laden material. The customer reached out to Envent to solve the problem within a short deadline of three months.



Envent was able to design and construct a specialized vapor control system that stripped the vapors of a sticky aerosol residue and pull the H2S-laden vapors through a bank of Envent ESCRUB 1000 circulating scrubbers. This system operates continuously at 1,000 CFM and treats 7,000 PPM of H2S.



For nearly three years, Envent has operated this system with ZERO breakthrough of H2S and ZERO safety incidents. Envent crews have operated this system safely and efficiently, day and night, 24/7/365. The onsite Envent technicians have been able to optimize the system to utilize as few consumables as possible, lowering the costs to the customer. The customer was able to avoid EPA fines and now has the time to design and construct a permanent process unit slated for construction in 2020.

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