California Refinery Barge Loading

California Refinery Barge Loading


A California refinery had a need to load gasoline, ethanol, and other high vapor pressure materials (classified as MVR products) onto barges. MVR products are required to have vapor control on them during transfer onto the vessel. The loading terminal is not equipped with any form of vapor recovery device on the dock. Without the ability to load product, the refinery and terminal will miss out on potential profits for the sale of the MVR products. A temporary solution is needed to control vapors during loading events while maintaining compliance with strict US Coast Guard regulations (33 CFR 154 Subpart P).



Envent implemented a vapor control system designed specifically for compliance with USCG regulations. The industry leading EMECS thermal oxidizer was utilized along with Envent’s Dock Safety Unit (EDSU). Envent engineers worked with various crafts to facilitate the installation and testing of the equipment per USCG regulations. These regulations limited distances from the dock, pipeline size, PRV/VRV requirements, and many more. Lastly, Envent received a certification letter from an approved third party USCG representative confirming compliance with 33 CFR 154 Subpart P. A copy of this letter is filed in the office of the terminal manager.



The refinery terminal was able to load MVR products onto ships and barges at a flow rate of 7500 BBL/hr. The terminal vastly increased their profit margins by having a faster, better, and more cost effective route for moving product. Choosing Envent proved to be a great choice for the refinery, as it will make the terminal company millions over the next few years.

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