Pipeline Clearing + LPG Bullet Depressurization and Degas

Pipeline Clearing + LPG Bullet Depressurization and Degas

Portfolio Categories: Degassing and Vapor Control.


A customer in the Gulf Coast engaged Envent with the need to depressure and clear a pipeline running from its refinery to 3.5 miles South of refinery for an emergency repair and inspection. The customer also brought up the need to a depressurization and de-inventory for an LPG Bullet tank during the same time frame.


Envent, with efficient emergency response and state-of-the-art equipment was able to provide a cost effective solution that not only cleared the pipeline, but also de-pressurized and degassed the LPG bullet with the same crew and EMECS, one after another. This in turn helped our customer perform necessary maintenance and repairs to the pipeline as well as LPG Bullet tank.


With Envent’s response time, it not only provided the depressure and degas service for the customer, but saved them time and money, cutting each job in half and performing a 2-in-1 service (1 mobilization, 1 demobilization). With the time that Envent saved them, they were able to perform additional maintenance to pipeline that might not have been available had we not responded.


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