Envent Provides Vapor Recovery System to Underground Toxic Cleanup

Envent Provides Vapor Recovery System to Underground Toxic Cleanup

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A chemical manufacturing facility in the Southeastern US had a large underground cleanup of toxic chemicals that had been spreading underground for many years. They had a design for the tent enclosure that the heavy equipment would be working in but needed a vapor recovery system to make sure none of the hazardous vapors affected any of the workers in the area or the nearby town. The system had to keep contaminant levels below one part per billion to stay within specs.


Envent’s Engineering team were able to provide custom designed redundant 5,000cfm systems utilizing over 100,000lbs of carbon at one time to keep the job on schedule and within discharge limits to keep everyone safe. Envent also provided additional equipment to provide fresh air for the large excavators’ engines so the same contaminants didn’t destroy the expensive equipment and incur large repair bills. Envent also provided custom piping to duct out the high temp exhaust from the equipment. With turn key services, Envent also provided backup power for the whole site along with temporary large industrial Air Conditioners to keep the inside of the tent at a safe level for workers even with 100+ degree heat with high humidity in the middle of summer.


Envent was able to provide a safe redundant turnkey system that helped our client get the job done and provide a safe area for the workers performing the work in Hot humid weather. Envent’s top level engineering and project team was able to adapt to multiple changes in scope on the project and get design done and equipment to the site in minimal time to minimize delays and keep the project moving forward. This project was completed with no violations from DTSC even with the very strict limits placed on outlet of the system.


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