Engineered Solution for Gulf Coast Refinery

Engineered Solution for Gulf Coast Refinery

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Due to the recent pandemic striking the world, a gulf coast refinery adjusted their refining process to allow them to continue production. They found a surplus of C4’s (n-butane, isobutane, etc) that typically sell with ease. During this process, multiple variations of C4’s are made from a single process. 1-3 Butadiene demand remained high, and had no problem selling. The remaining C4’s, however, had no demand at the time, and needed to be disposed of. This would allow their production to continue without delays.


This refinery reached out to Envent to engineer a solution. Based on their desired flow rates, Envent mobilized two of the largest (70MMBTU/HR) mobile thermal oxidizers available in the United States to meet the refinery’s requirements. Envent also custom designed a manifold to add safety features and pressure regulators to ensure consistent flow. The project is still running today as the country recuperates.


The benefit of Envent providing this service is the refinery was able to continue creating 1-3 Butadiene that remains in high demand, and allow them to continue their income, stay in business, and provide jobs for their employees. Had the refinery needed to stop processing, the entire plant would shut down. Envent benefits in the same way, while also feeling a certain accomplishment being an essential business in the trying times of today.

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