Bullet Tank Degas, Ammonia Scrubber

Bullet Tank Degas, Ammonia Scrubber

Portfolio Categories: Vapor Scrubbing.

A refinery wished for a bullet tank of Ammonia to be degassed. Due to limited space availability equipment that provided a small footprint was needed. The tank also needed to be degassed as quickly as possible so an inspection and repairs could be made.

Envent was able to provide an ESCRUB 1200. The liquid recirculating scrubber was able to take over 10,000 ppm of ammonia down to 0 ppm. The Envent designed packing material and proven liquid media was able to cost effectively reduce the ammonia concentration while limiting media changeout.

The refinery was able to do critical lifts in the area without any odors that would have stopped operations. Envent was able to degas the bullet tank without any infraction of the degassing permits for the facility.

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