San Francisco, Gasoline Barge Degassing

San Francisco, Gasoline Barge Degassing

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An energy and industrial services company needed to degas a barge in California. The barge was made up of 10 individual compartments each capable of holding 8,000 barrels of gasoline. The energy company was in need of someone who could degas all ten compartments quickly and effectively.

After speaking with the customer, Envent was able to provide a quick and effective solution for degassing all the compartments. The engineering experts at Envent ensured all the necessary permits were obtained, and made sure the customer was in compliance with local laws. Envent decided to use an EMTOS unit with a hose routed to the barge. The EMTOS, or Envent Mobile Thermal Oxidizer System, flowed at an average of around 1300 SCFM throughout the degas, with a 99.9% destruction efficiency.

The EMTOS was able to degas each compartment in two hours each. The customer was happy with the ease of transferring the different compartments into the EMTOS. The barge was able to be cleaned and recommissioned ahead of schedule, which increased profitability for the customer.

Degassed each compartment in 2 hours, with a 99.9% destruction efficiency.

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