The EMECS 42 Marine Vapor Control System

Welcome to the latest, greatest addition to the Envent fleet of industry-leading equipment: the EMECS 42 Marine Vapor Control System, better known as the MVCS.

Envent designs and builds its equipment to set new standards for the industry, and the MVCS is no exception. Our MVCS mobile system is the first in the nation to be certified by the United States Coast Guard for gasoline loading.  (It fully complies with all sections of 33 CFR 154 Subpart E.)

Here’s the lowdown on our MVCS.  The machine can support a transfer rate of 4,000 barrels per hour, and its redundant safety systems are prepared to handle a wide range of “unexpected” occurrences, including barge overflow alarms, enrichment system, oxygen analyzers, pressure monitoring, and relief valves.  The system includes an interlock that shuts down the loading pumps in the event of any unexpected condition at the MVCS or the vessel.

Envent’s attention to details helps explain why we own the best safety record in the industry.  Here’s a quick snapshot at some of the safety features included in our MVCS:

– Safety shutdowns options at the EDSU include Low Pressure, High Pressure, Low Differential Pressure, High Temperature at the Detonation Arrestor, High Oxygen (redundant), Oxygen Analyzer Failure, and Vessel High Cargo Level.

– Safety shutdowns on the EMECs include Vapor Blower Failure, Detonation Arrestor High Temperature, Low Supply Gas Pressure, High Supply Gas Pressure, Low Pilot Gas Pressure, Combustion Air Failure, Pilot Failure, High Temperature, Low Combustor Temperature, and Low Differential Pressure.

And here’s how it works. The EMECs pull vapors as the loading occurs. These vapors travel through the EDSU where an oxygen sensor analyzes the level of oxygen in the vapor stream. The sensor sends a signal to a modulating valve that precisely matches enrichment levels to oxygen levels.  The process is called “enriching the vapors” – and it’s the secret behind the high-efficiency destruction that occurs in the EMECs.

Welcome to our fleet of exceptional services, MVCS!  Call or email Envent for a copy of the USCG Certification Letter.