Life at Envent | Congrats Jorge Rivera on 20 Years with Envent!

Please join us in congratulating Jorge Rivera for his 20 years at Envent. 

In 2002, Jorge joined the Southern California team as a technician.  Back then, Envent was regional service provider in Southern California and Jorge has been with us every step of the way as we’ve expanded.  His attention to detail, hard work, and ability to learn our projects earned him the coveted role of Operations Supervisor.  Jorge has worked for just about every customer on the West Coast, with high regard and has been key to developing our service lines with great professionalism.  Over the years, so many of us have called on Jorge to solve problems, troubleshoot, or just show the newer folks the ropes and the organization is better for it.  20 years is such an amazing accomplishment, and we are thankful to have had Jorge as one of the key leaders on the team!

 Congratulations, Jorge!  We are looking forward to many more years to come.