ILTA 2023 – What a Success!

What an incredible turnout we had this year! The ILTA tradeshow at the George R Brown Convention Center was an absolute success and we couldn’t be happier. Our time spent there was absolutely amazing, especially connecting with our exceptional customers and vendors over the past two days. Until we meet again!


Envent Makes Large Environmental Finalist (HASC TAILGATE EXTRAVAGANZA 2023)

We are excited to be a finalist for the Large Environmental Safety Award for the Health and Safety Council!! This years wild west tailgate Extravaganza was an event you didn’t want to miss! Thank you for everyone involved & for stopping by our Safety Saloon. Raffle winners will be called on this week! 🎟

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Life at Envent | Congrats Jorge Rivera on 20 Years with Envent!

Please join us in congratulating Jorge Rivera for his 20 years at Envent. 

In 2002, Jorge joined the Southern California team as a technician.  Back then, Envent was regional service provider in Southern California and Jorge has been with us every step of the way as we’ve expanded.  His attention to detail, hard work, and ability to learn our projects earned him the coveted role of Operations Supervisor.  Jorge has worked for just about every customer on the West Coast, with high regard and has been key to developing our service lines with great professionalism.  Over the years, so many of us have called on Jorge to solve problems, troubleshoot, or just show the newer folks the ropes and the organization is better for it.  20 years is such an amazing accomplishment, and we are thankful to have had Jorge as one of the key leaders on the team!

 Congratulations, Jorge!  We are looking forward to many more years to come.

Envent teams up with B2G and G2YL to help support our youth! NEW SHOES!

Thanks to Envent’s support, the Boys 2 Gentlemen organization was able to hand deliver brand new shoes to different Elementary Schools in California. The work this organization is doing for our youth is amazing! This year Boys 2 Gentlemen and Girls 2 Young Ladies have provided Social Emotional support for various schools. B2G has also conducted Anti Bully assemblies and entered into multiple partnerships to provide wraparound services for the kiddos and their parents. We are so happy to be a part of this great organization that is “dedicated to empowering young people to seek, do, and be all the things they once thought were impossible.” – Keith Linton

Boys 2 Gentlemen and Girls to Young Ladies have been able to help empower over 12,000 boys and girls since 2003.

B2G & G2YL Values

B2G & G2YL Goals

  • They believe in a high level of accountability to our kids, community, society, and partners
  • They partner with other agencies, organizations, and donors to effectively meet the needs of inner-city communities
  • They connect each child to a sense of family
  • They connect each child to a sense of community
  • They take “at-risk” youth and nurture them into “at-hope” gentleman and ladies
  • Decrease truancy
  • Improve grades
  • Increase graduation rates
  • Decrease the risk of gang involvement
  • Improve conflict resolution and other life-affirming skills.
  • Improve and demonstrate goal-setting skills.
  • Improve reading and writing
  • Improve Inclusion for all students


To learn more about the B2G organization, or to see how you can get involved or donate, visit the following links below:



About B2G

Congrats, Jorge Mora! 15 Year Envent Anniversary

Jorge Mora has been an outstanding member of the Envent Family for 15 years.  He sets the standards for technical operations, professionalism, team work, and leadership.  His dedication and loyalty to Envent is unmatched.  His technical knowledge, expertise, and work ethic provides the blue print for all Envent employees to try to emulate.  Congratulations Jorge Mora on a successful 15 years of employment with Envent and many more to come!