Project Engineer

Houston Area – Deer Park, TX (Corporate Headquarters)



     The Project Engineer has both project engineering and craft-specific responsibilities for mechanical and electrical designs and installations within the company (nationwide).  Responsibly plans, schedules, conducts, and coordinates assigned engineering work; monitors work for compliance to applicable codes, accepted engineering practices and Envent Corporation standards; ensures effective communication and coordination on assigned projects between all disciplines and throughout the corporation.

    In addition, the Project Engineer must maintain customer relationships and have a good understanding of the company’s business goals, including all aspects of operations and the environmental regulations that require services.  Technical oversight in the field is required and the Project Engineer will also support operations.


  1.  Essential duties may vary according to region, division, area, and/or assignment.  Other duties may be assigned.
  2. Manage the use of facilities, personnel, vehicles, and equipment to maximize efficiency and profitability.
  3. Plan, schedule, coordinate, and execute the technical and management aspecs of projects.
  4. Work closely with Account Managers to respond to all customer inquiries and capabilities – find solutions to difficult challenges.
  5. Participate in client, contractor, and vendor meetings and resolve engineering, technical, or project issues.
  6. Develop operational, maintenance, and compliance procedures and be able to train and audit all personnel with a commitment to safety and compliance.
  7. Obtain permits and work closely with environmental agencies for all projects.
  8. Perform incident investigations, including failure analysis and root cause analysis.
  9. Provide engineering data and documentation, and participate as needed for all Management of Change (MOC) meetings.
  10. Lead and participate in various forms of Process Hazard Analysis including what-if, fault tree, HAZOP, checklist, and other forms of risk assessment.  Previous participation in process hazard analysis meetings (or certified training) is required.
  11. Oversee fabrication, verification of proper installation, perform function checks and commission equipment.
  12. Supervisory Responsibilities: Project engineers frequently supervise the setup and operation of complex temporary systems required in the execution of our field work in vapor control and water treatment.  Supervisory activities include the direction of technical field personnel in all aspects of setup and operation.  Although personnel report to and discipline is handled by Operations Supervisors, direct technical oversight is the responsibility of the Project Engineer.


  1. Understand materials of construction and chemical compatibility and specify project-specific requirements for all projects.
  2. Possess the the ability to research suppliers and source materials and equipment for the highest level of value, quality and suitability for use.
  3. Read and understand engineering drawings, specifications, and industry standards and apply this information to all projects.
  4. Read and develop Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams, Process Flow Diagrams, Schematics, Mechanical Plans, Logic Diagrams, Electrical Plans, Isometrics, and vendor cut sheets.
  5. Demonstrate proficiency in AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, Excel, Word, Project software.
  6. Understand rotating equipment, including pumps, compressors, and blowers, and be able to correctly select equipment and apply performance curves and design characteristics to all projects.
  7. Understand instrumentation principles including failsafe design of safety and control systems.
  8. Possess ingenuity, creative imagination, and original thought to effectively solve customer issues, employee issues, improve company technology, and develop new services.
  9. Understand how to effectively manage and apply fiscal controls when assigned projects and ensure that projects come within budget guidelines.  The candidate must be able to manage his or her costs and keep them within company guidelines.
  10. Demonstrate proficiency in the care and use of all site specific, facility and customer required Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), and be able to pass all site specific facility, company and industry tests.
  11. Possess a current, valid driver license from state of residency and valid proof of insurance.  The candidate or employee must provide his or her motor vehicle record from the state of residency and must be insurable by the Envent Corporation insurance provider.
  12. Understands that he or she is working in a twenty four hour, seven days a week (24/7) industry environment and as such, understands that he or she must be available on a 24/7 basis when required, which will include off hours, weekends, and holidays.


     A Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Chemical, Environmental, Mechanical, or related discipline) from an accredited institution is required for this position.  Two to six years of experience in the petrochemical, refining, or related industry experience is preferred but not required.


  1. Must have the ability and willingness to work in a fast-paced, collaborative working environment.
  2. Must be able to work a flexible schedule that meets the needs of a 24/7 operation.
  3. Able to work outdoors in varying weather conditions and walking/traveling to multiple locations throughout the day.
  4. Able to work across business units and navigate organizational structures to achieve consistent and full compliance with federal, state and local regulations and internal policies to ensure compliance and programs/metrics to drive continuous  performance improvement.
  5. Ability to interact professionally and competently with widely variable internal customers and personnel.
  6. Must be responsive to calls and emails.
  7. Must work with a sense of urgency and have excellent follow-up skills.
  8. Demonstrated effective people coaching, training and influencing skills
  9. Analytical, general management, people, and computer skills.
  10. Excellent language and communication skills.
  11. Must be proficient in the care and use of all site specific, facility and customer required Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).  The candidate must be able to pass all site specific facility, company and industry tests.
  12. Effective negotiating and listening skills.
  13. Ability to be persistent, patient, creative, and flexible.
  14. Ability to maintain a high energy level.
  15. Ability and willingness to learn.
  16. Ability to adapt to changing priorities.
  17. Ability to assemble information from a variety of sources.
  18. Possess self motivation, be responsible and assertive, solve problems, work and achieve agreed upon assigned tasks with little or no supervision and a high degree of common sense.
  19. The Project Engineer position will require travel and being away overnight up to 30% percent of the time.  Travel will be done by vehicle or airline to meet and work with customers.


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