ENVENT Makes Safety Upgrades to Existing Degassing Technology and Produces SAFE ICE Degassing Unit

Envent Corporation is continually expanding its fleet of petrochemical vapor control and degassing solutions. The newest solution is the SAFE ICE – a dual internal combustion engine system designed to safely degas smaller vapor sources.

Aptly named SAFE ICE, the unit is equipped with a detonation arrestor, an automated process isolation valve, and dual check valve engine backfire protection. These process components set the SAFE ICE apart from competitors’ units in terms of safety – and ensure that your facility remains safe. Redundant critical process components ensure that plant operations are never without a functioning degassing system.

Envent Featured in BIC Magazine

Envent has been featured on BIC (Business & Industry Connection) Magazine‘s June/July 2015 issue. Envent is aligned with BIC Alliance’s goal of connecting  people in business and industry with one another for the betterment of all. Check us out! You can also click the link to view this article on BIC’s website. http://trendmag2.trendoffset.com/publication/?i=259039&p=98

Making efficient process improvements
BIC – June/July 2015