Southern California Refinery Excess Fuel Gas Elimination Project

Southern California Refinery Excess Fuel Gas Elimination Project


A Southern California Refinery needed to bring down their Hydrogen Plant to perform critical maintenance outside of the normal turnaround cycle. To bring down the unit that utilizes most of the produced fuel gas of the refinery while maintaining operations in the rest the plant, approximately 3 million standard cubic feet per day of gas needed to be processed. Such a release to the flare system would have been an extraordinary event. The refinery needed a Flare Minimization Plan. Envent Corporation was contracted to provide the solution and execute.


Envent Corporation went to work to provide an engineered solution, complete with the necessary environmental permits for the Refinery Flare Minimization effort. We provided upfront engineering necessary to complete a design of the vapor management systems, culminating with the Process Hazards Analysis (PHA). Envent was able to handle an excess 3 million scf per day to avoid Flaring events. Envent provided a High Pressure Knock Out Vessel followed by 3 EMECS units. Envent’s solution did not stop there, our project engineers maintained strong oversight, minimizing noise and maintaining the refinery’s good neighbor priorities.


Envent delivered an efficient solution to support the refinery’s Hydrogen Plant Shutdown only had to oversee the Management of Change (MOC) process and provide our tie-in points. The project was a huge success and the customer was very pleased. Flaring excess gas was avoided during this effort.

Quote from Project Manager

“I wanted to thank you guys for the great work in execution of this project. It was definitely a success, and everyone was happy with the outcome. NO FLARING!”

In June 2017, Envent Corporation achieved 1 million man-hours without an OSHA recordable injury. We maintain a TRIR of 0.0 for 6 years. We believe Safety is No Accident.

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