Southern California Refinery, Compliance Engineering

Southern California Refinery, Compliance Engineering

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A Southern California refinery was operating a thermal oxidizer in the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD). Permit conditions regulated the maximum permissible flow rate as 250 SCFM to the thermal oxidizer. The facility used an automated data recorder to monitor the flow rate entering the unit. When the recorder registered a value of 267 SCFM, the refinery needed to find a solution to their problem as soon as possible, as SCAQMD fines would build up with each passing day.

Envent’s I&E team mobilized the same day to analyze the control system of the thermal oxidizer. The problem was quickly determined to be caused by an error with the automated data recorder. Envent’s I&E team retrofitted the sensor equipment and recalibrated the recording system. In the meantime, the refinery needed to give an explanation to the SCAQMD concerning this potential Notice of Violation (NOV). The refinery contracted Envent’s team of qualified Professional Engineers to conduct an analysis on the exhaust blower which controlled the vapor flow rate to the thermal oxidizer. With a qualified background in mechanical engineering, the team of PE’s were able to draft a concise engineering report explaining why it would not be physically possible for the blower to produce the violation flow rate of 267 SCFM. Based on the analysis, the reading must have been caused by sensor error, thus putting the SCAQMD at ease that no violations had occurred.

The refinery knew that Envent was the national expert for vapor control technology. Not only was Envent able to diagnose the problem and immediately procure a new sensor, but they were able to recalibrate the refinery’s equipment. As with all projects, when engineering support was needed, Envent’s team of qualified engineers was there to provide support. When you consider vapor control providers, take into account the price of true quality

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