Port of Brownsville, TX – Tank Degas

Port of Brownsville, TX – Tank Degas

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A customer in the Port of Brownsville; the tank was a mid-sized High RVP Gasoline tank with a pipeline feeding into it. The tank was due to come out of service for an API 653 inspection. The customer as well as cleaning company had assumed the tank to be product free, but upon closer inspection, realized that there was over 1 ft. of product remaining in the tank toward the middle of the sump and water draws.



We were able to work with the customer as well as cleaning company to provide vapor control and degas capabilities around the clock until the remaining product was completely removed and tank was degassed to below their permit requirements <10% LEL.



With Envent Corporation, although we faced a few small road bumps along the way, we were able to come through and provide excellent customer support and satisfaction, finishing the job under the proposed amount of time and working with the customer as well as cleaning contractor to finish the job. At Envent Corporation, we are always prepared to adapt and overcome when faced with adverse situations and projects. Our three main priorities are Safety, Compliance, and Quality of Service.


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