Pipeline Hydro Test – Water Treatment – West Coast

Pipeline Hydro Test – Water Treatment – West Coast

Portfolio Categories: Mobile Water Treatment.


Envent Corporation was called upon to treat approximately 619,758 gallons of hydro-test water from two newly constructed pipelines on the west coast.  The newly constructed pipelines required hydro-static testing after they were installed to ensure there are no leaks and the pipelines are ready for full scale operation.  The challenge was what to do with all of the water once it has been used for the hydrostatic test?  Off hauling the water in tanker trucks to a treatment facility would be extremely cost prohibitive due to the remote location of the pipeline.


The solution was to have Envent acquire discharge permits, safely treat the water and discharge it on site.  After the pipeline testing was complete, a pig was ran through the line displacing the water into multiple temporary storage tanks while Envent simultaneously treated/discharged the hydro test water at ~400GPM to safe discharge specifications. The system included chemical injection, pH control, granular activated carbon, pumps, and filters. Envent obtained local discharge permits, created a treatment scheme based off the analytical, provided equipment and the manpower  to operate the onsite treatment system.


The client was able to perform the necessary hydro-static testing of both lines with no delay to the project because Envent’s treatment system was designed to treat the water as fast it could be removed from the pipeline.  The water was safely, environmentally and economically treated then discharged to permit conditions. Additionally, the surrounding rural area was not subject to heavy hauling traffic and the treated water was returned to the environment where it came from, meaning no environmental impact.

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