Southern California, Vapor Control

Southern California, Vapor Control

Portfolio Categories: Vapor Scrubbing.

Reducing fugitive emissions from the top lid of an old oil recovery unit DAF Cell. Leak Detection And Repair (LDAR) is being taken very seriously in more and more areas of the country. This facility’s oil recovery cells were becoming aged and so the facility wanted to take proactive measures to ensure that no fugitive emissions would escape through the lids.                                         

Envent designed, fabricated , and installed a completely automated thermal oxidizer capable of reducing the pressure in each DAF cell. The thermal oxidizer can selectively draw from each cell to maintain a slight vacuum – ensuring that no fugitive emissions are released. 

Satisfied the air district by building a safe, effective, and reliable solution. The system uses plan utilities to save cost on generator and supplemental fuel expenses. Additionally – the system is fully automated, allowing the thermal oxidizer to be run without continuous supervision.                                           

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