Northern California, Mobile Water Treatment – Multi Phase Extraction

Northern California, Mobile Water Treatment – Multi Phase Extraction

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Contaminated water at a Northern California Refinery where groundwater must be extracted before it enters the bay.  There is a series of groundwater wells and pumps that maintain hydraulic control of the area’s sub surface water system and prevent the contaminated water from reaching the Bay. The source of contamination was a Methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) tank with an underground transfer pipe that leaked. This leak was pretty substantial in size causing a fairly large underground plumb of MTBE. We have been onsite since 2008.



Multi-Phase Extraction utilizes a high vacuum blower to pull a mixture of both liquid and vapor from an existing ground well. The high vacuum extracts water and vapor until ground water level drop allowing a high vacuum to be pulled on the surrounding contaminated soil.  Extract a liquid/vapor mixture separate them then send the liquid to our existing water treatment system and destroy all hydrocarbons extracted to speed up the soil remediation process.  We provided the customer with a 450 SCFM Liquid Ring DVT blower and an EMTOS 2000.



Envent’s engineered multi-phase extraction, water treatment and vapor abatement system continues to be successful at cost effectively removing and treating both the groundwater to NPDES standards and the vapor stream to BAAQMD and EPA standards.  The oil refinery is in full compliance and impact on the environment mitigated.

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