North Dakota, Frac Tank Vapor Control

North Dakota, Frac Tank Vapor Control

Portfolio Categories: Vapor Scrubbing.

A petroleum manufacturer contracted Envent to do vapor control on a series of frac tanks being filled with shale oil from a pipeline. There were a total of 30 frac tanks. We were asked to provide vapor control systems for each set of 15 frac tanks.

The first 15 frac tanks were manifolded together and connected to our ESCRUB™ 1000-P, Single Column Passive Chemical Scrubber filled with our VapoScrub™EX5. The second set of 15 frac tanks were connected to a passive carbon system. Our stand alone passive chemical scrubber filled with VapoScrub™EX5 did magnitude better than a standalone carbon vessel.

The cost savings from the price of the solution and from the absorption capacity amounted to a $21,000 savings for our customer.

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