Refinery Wastewater Treatment – Innovative Benzene Removal Solution

Refinery Wastewater Treatment – Innovative Benzene Removal Solution


A renowned US refinery faced a critical challenge regarding the removal of Benzene from wastewater. The wastewater contained several other constituents of lesser concern, posing a significant environmental and operational hurdle for the refinery.


Envent rose to the challenge and devised an ingenious solution to address the Benzene removal issue. The team designed, constructed, implemented, and operated a cutting-edge Nitrogen stripping tower system. This specialized system efficiently eliminated 93% of Benzene from the wastewater while allowing the other constituents to pass through unaffected. By integrating this solution, Envent ensured a seamless flow of Benzene-stripped wastewater back into the refinery system, continuing its journey towards the wastewater treatment plant. Moreover, the Nitrogen-stripped Benzene vapors were skillfully directed to a state-of-the-art Thermal Oxidizer, where they were destroyed with an impressive efficiency of 99.9%.


The implemented system showcased remarkable advantages, revolutionizing the refinery’s wastewater treatment process. Notably, the system operated flawlessly, eliminating the need to open the towers for media replacement, debris clearing, or any internal servicing. This feature significantly enhanced the system’s reliability and minimized downtime, resulting in improved overall operational efficiency. Furthermore, the solution enabled the customer to conduct extensive parameter testing, fine-tuning the system for optimal performance. As a direct consequence, the  refinery successfully achieved a substantial reduction in Benzene emissions throughout its operations. This notable environmental benefit underscored Envent’s commitment to sustainability and responsible waste management practices.

By implementing this innovative wastewater treatment solution, Envent not only addressed the refinery’s immediate challenge of removing Benzene effectively but also showcased our expertise in designing and deploying advanced environmental technologies. Envent’s success in this project solidified our position as a trusted industry leader in providing tailored and sustainable solutions for complex environmental problems.

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