San Francisco, Marine Terminal Barge Degas

San Francisco, Marine Terminal Barge Degas

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Marine loading services typically don’t come with extensive prior notification. A client notified Envent on May 13th at 09:00 that a barge would commence loading at 10:00 on May 15th and would require Envent’s vapor control expertise. The load consisted of 250,000 barrels of high octane naphtha loaded at approximately 3,300 barrels per hour. Envent’s team quickly notified the SCAQMD (South Coast Air Quality Management District)  that vapor control activities would be occurring (a regulatory compliance requirement).

Testing and preparations were completed on the EDSU (Envent Dockside Safety Unit) and EMECS-42 (Envent Mobile Emission Control System) to maintain compliance with the US Coast Guard regulations. As loading commenced, the client’s terminal pumps failed to provide consistent loading rates and large fluctuations were experienced in the EDSU and EMECS-42.

Envent’s experienced crew successfully maintained the required 99% DRE (Destruction Rate Efficiency) and completed the barge loading. The client saved approximately $147,000 by contracting Envent as the mobile vapor control provider.

Cost Savings: $147,000 Location:  West Coast Terminal Product: High Octane Naphtha

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