Long Term Vapor Control Project in Southern California

Long Term Vapor Control Project in Southern California

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We have a long term project located in Southern California where we are providing vapor control for tanker trucks being loaded with crude. We decided to use a TO as the carbon spend rate will be very high. The unit is always on hot standby. The challenge of this project comes from the inconsistency of vapor composition and loading schedule. When a truck begins to load, a flood of high BTU vapors are sent directly to our unit. This would cause the unit to reach very high temperatures before the fuel management system could adjust.


We designed and installed an automated valve solution. This involved a pressure sensor that would sense when a truck began to load. This signal was sent to a UDC programmed with a proportional delay. The UDC would then output the signal to slowly and proportionally open an inlet valve depending on the pressure coming from the truck.


This solution allows the unit to adjust to changes in process conditions automatically. After verification and testing of the automated solution, the unit can now provide unmanned vapor control for all truck loading activities.

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