Goleta, CA, Vacuum Truck Scrubber

Goleta, CA, Vacuum Truck Scrubber

Portfolio Categories: Vapor Scrubbing.

A major refinery in California was to degas a tank filled with crude oil, and blanketed with nitrogen. Due to irregularities with the tank, there was excess liquid left inside the tank after being emptied. A vacuum truck was brought in to pull out any residual crude oil in the tank. A solution was needed in order to degas the tank, as well as control the vapors on the vacuum truck when filling.

Envent provided a vapor control/degas combination solution to the refinery. An EMTOS unit would degas the tank, while a carefully designed scrubber system would control vapors coming out of the vacuum truck. The scrubber system was to be filled with one Envent’s proven liquid media. The scrubber system worked great with the passive flow from the vacuum truck. The vapors were displaced by the crude oil coming in, and were sent into the scrubber to be controlled. The Envent specially designed scrubber allows for a high surface area contact for all vapors entering the scrubber.

Envents highly trained personnel ensured the both the scrubber and EMTOS were operated at full efficiency. Through constant monitoring, and good communication with all parties, Envent was able to provide an ideal solution to the customer. Envent was also able to save the customer thousands in potential fines, as well as avoiding a potential product release.

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