Freeport, Texas, Out of Service Storage Tank Contaminated Water Treatment

Freeport, Texas, Out of Service Storage Tank Contaminated Water Treatment

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A facility on the Gulf Coast had an out of service tank that once contained Pyrolysis Gasoline (Pygas), but had recently been used to store various waste streams and contaminated water.  The 132′ diameter, 56′ tall internal floating roof tank was due for inspection and the facility had no way to treat the contaminated water, which contained a myriad of oils and particulates.

Envent engineers began with a job walk and gathered samples from the tank.  The team tested a number of coagulants during an extensive bench test and worked with the facility to ensure that the selected coagulant was compatible with their downstream treatment processes.  Envent used the coagulant with the Envent Cavitated Air Flotation (CAF) Unit – an 88 GPM workhorse to treat suspended particles in water.  The CAF unit was under vapor control to ensure safe operation, the waste stream was stored for disposal, and the effluent was held in a temporary tank to allow sampling prior to discharging to the facility’s downstream treatment process.

Envent estimated that the job would take eight days to process 1,000,000 gallons of contaminated water.  The project lasted just under six days and all of the processed water was free from oil and suspended particles.  The facility was able to process the water and begin the tank inspection process.  The treatment system saved the customer time and money compared to deep-welling or attempting to run the contaminated water through their own system.

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