Envent Mobile Wastewater Solution Saves Client Time and Money

Envent Mobile Wastewater Solution Saves Client Time and Money

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A local refinery had a large waste water tank that needed to be deinventoried and cleaned in order to change the service type. The water would either need to be treated on site or hauled off. Standard onsite treatment would take roughly 2 years at the rate they could discharge to the onsite system and the cost to haul it off would be exorbitant. Considering the volume and amount of contaminants in the water the decision was made to have the water pretreated for Benzene, TOC, Sulfides, NH3 & pH before being sent to the onsite system.


After Envent reviewed the analytics and performed bench tests, our Technical Project Manager and team of engineers put a solution together using solids and oil separation, filtration skids and polishing media. The water was treated down to the acceptable limits in order to be sent to the onsite treatment facility.


Envent was able to successfully treat in roughly 2 months what would have taken the customer 2 years. We not only saved them time but also money, as cost to treat on site was considerably less than hauling the water off as hazardous waste.



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