Workplace Safety & Degassing Operations- Grounding and Bonding Tips

As professionals in the industry, we are all aware of the science behind those ‘no cell phone’ warning signs stationed so predominately, almost like guarding sentinels, at filling stations across the country. We know that the very clear and well positioned regulatory dictates are not just the product derived from an overzealous gas attendant’s aversion to our technology obsessed society but are actually a warning to those not privy to the rules of static electricity and flammable vapors that their most beloved and coveted mobile device could be the catalyst to igniting said vapors and act as an enabler to extremely hazardous conditions. This everyday occurrence of being reminded to not use our mobile devices while filling our gas tanks is definitely worth remembering if you are using vacuum trucks to control vapors when tank degassing at factories and other large facilities. The technique of grounding and bonding during a degassing operation is a practice that can safely control the accumulated static charges and prevent workplace accidents. We at Envent Corporation keep a strict adherence to workplace safety and employ preemptive tactics to avoiding hazardous situations when grounding and bonding. We have included a few of our approaches for your reference.

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