Technician 2 / Class A Driver

Houston Area – Deer Park, TX (Gulf Coast Regional Office)

Job Description

A Technician 2 / Driver works under direct supervision and must be able to execute given work assignments. These work assignments may and will include performing driving and non – driving assignments. The Technician 2 / Driver must be willing to perform technician duties as well as driving duties, he or she is responsible for meeting or exceeding all company policies and procedures, state and federal laws, regulations and he or she must have an unwavering commitment to environmental safety and health for all employees and clients.  In addition, the Technician 2 / Driver must be able to work with other employees, our customers and have a good understanding of each assigned project.

Technician 2 / Commercial Driver Duties

  • Report to the assigned Supervisor and carry out all assigned daily work, provide status report.
  • Safely operate, understand proper selection, and maintain equipment, vehicles, meters, monitors, and materials for assigned projects or tasks by following the proper company policies, procedures, regulatory requirements, environmental permits, and regulations.
  • Operate and drive all vehicles within the Envent fleet. Maintain Commercial Driver log books and adhere to CDL work hour rules.
  • Perform all pre-trip and post-trip inspections. Have working knowledge of equipment, trailers, lights and troubleshooting pre-trip inspection issues.
  • Attend all hands meetings, JSS SCAN procedures, and all safety meetings and
  • Complete all required timesheets, customer work permits, log sheets to provide a clear picture of what happened, who was involved and what quantities and type of materials and equipment were used on all particular jobs/projects.
  • Report all safety infractions, accidents, citations, near misses, or situations that may impact the company.
  • Maintain jobsite and yard housekeeping in a clean and orderly manner.
  • Comply with all company policies and procedures.
  • Develop strong customer relationships.
  • Provide meaningful suggestions and ideas to improve Envent’s competitive edge. Be proactive in determining problems and finding the right solution.  Recommend corrective action and provide feedback to his or her assigned Supervisor on situations that may impact the company.
  • May perform a variety of duties for extended periods of time, including: lifting, positioning and securing equipment and materials as project requirements.
  • Perform other miscellaneous duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Experience and Skill Requirement

  • High School diploma or equivalent required. Industry experience will be considered in lieu of formal education.
  • Ability to understand basic math skills, read and interpret technical documents, read and understand procedures, perform all assigned duties and follow all safety procedures and requirements.
  • Must be self-motivated, responsible, assertive, a problem solver, able to use a high degree of common sense.
  • Must have a current valid commercial (CDL), Class A driver’s license and must be insurable by the Envent Corporation insurance provider.
  • Must have a valid TWIC card or, at minimum, be eligible to get a TWIC card, RSO or comparable refinery area training card.
  • Ability to travel by vehicle or airline to work at the assigned customer site up to twenty to fifty percent (20% – 50%) of the time.
  • Must perform duties of Technician 2 primarily in an industrial field work environment but may include various work environments such as various outdoor weather conditions, industrial plants which will involve exposure to potentially hazardous situations, may be subjected to extreme heights and moving mechanical parts.
  • Must be physically fit and able to pass the company’s employee physical and comply with the company’s drug testing policy in order to be qualified to work in this position.
  • Physical demands of this position are sitting, walking, climbing, stooping and bending. He or she may on occasion lift and or move up to seventy pounds (70 lbs).