Technician 1 / Class A Driver

Northern California – Benicia, CA (Northwest Regional Office)


The duties knowledge and abilities for a Technician 1/Class A Driver are the same as for a Technician 2/Class A Driver except that the work is performed under strict supervision. As experience is gained greater independence of action is exercised and less detailed supervision is received until the Technician 1/Class A Driver is functioning at the Technician 2/Class A Driver level or above. A Technician 1 / Class A Driver works under direct supervision and must be able to execute given work assignments. These work assignments may and will include performing driving and non-driving assignments. The Technician 1 / Class A Driver must be willing to perform technician duties as well as driving duties, he or she is responsible for meeting or exceeding all company policies and procedures, state and federal laws, regulations and he or she must have an unwavering commitment to environmental safety and health for all employees and clients. In addition, the Technician 1 / Class A Driver must be able to work with other employees, our customers and have a good understanding of each assigned project. The Technician 1 / Class A Driver must be able to evaluate every task before and during any assigned task. When needed, the Technician 1 / Class A Driver is empowered to use his or her stop work authority to further evaluate any questionable decisions of job tasks at hand.



Technician 1 / Class A Driver

The Technician 1 / Class A Driver will be able to perform the following essential duties:


•Perform all applicable duties of Technician 1 and Class A Driver, as additionally assigned.
•Report to the assigned Supervisor and provide status report.
•Assist in all hands meetings, JSS, SCAN procedures, and all safety communications.
•Be able to operate and drive all vehicles within the Envent fleet.
•Carry out all assigned daily work.
•Be in constant communication with the dispatcher.
•Perform all pre-trip and post-trip inspections.


Knowledge, Experience and Skill Requirement

•The Technician 1 / Class A Driver position requires a high school diploma equivalent, a valid commercial (CDL), Class A driver’s license and a clean commercial driver (DMV) abstract. Industry experience will be considered in lieu of a formal education record. This position requires the ability to understand basic math skills, read and interpret technical documents, follow procedures, perform all assigned duties and follow all safety procedures and requirements.


•The Technician 1 / Class A Driver must also be responsible for mastering all job skills required of a Technician 1 and Class A Driver. The candidate must demonstrate a commitment to compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, company policies, customer policies, and an unwavering commitment to safety. The position requires handling business affairs with the highest ethical standards set forth by the company and its clients.


•The Technician 1 / Class A Driver position requires the candidate to be self-motivated, responsible, assertive, a problem solver, and must be able to use a high degree of common sense.


•The Technician 1 / Class A Driver must have a current CDL license from the state of residency and a valid proof of insurance. The candidate must be insurable by Envent Corporations insurance provider, and must have a valid TWIC, RSO or comparable refinery area training card. The candidate must be able to pass the company’s commercial driver DOT physical and comply with the company’s and DOT’s drug and alcohol testing policy.


•The Technician 1 / Class A Driver must understand that he or she is working in a twenty four hour seven days a week (24/7) industry environment and as such understand that they must be available on a 24/7 basis when required.


•The Technician 1 / Driver must understand that this position requires the employee to work long hours on shifts up to and sometimes greater than 12 hours at a time. Additionally, we require the Technician 1 / Class A Driver to be “on duty” while monitoring systems and safety meters.