Shop Technician

Southern California – Long Beach, CA


A Shop Technician supports all shop and shop areas, inspects, and maintains all equipment. The Shop Technician must provide preventative maintenance to all equipment, as requested by management. He or she is responsible for assisting with the assurance of all equipment being dispatched from the shop is in good working conditions, with all proper DOT compliant inspections, and adherence to the company’s appearance policy. The Shop Technician should consistently be improving all equipment and shop appearance.



  • Ensure all necessary equipment and accessories for each job are ready for the project
  • Coordinate the preparation and load-up for jobs
  • Perform field work as necessary or
  • Maintain the shop and shop organized and clean and immaculate
  • Maintain shop to remove clutter and unused/derelict
  • Inventory all parts and
  • Help maintain spare parts inventory in a manner that we have adequate spare parts for things
  • Report and track all equipment leaving shop including, hose, fittings, generators, units,
  • Report and track all equipment arriving back to shop, hose, fittings, generators, units, All items
  • Notify supervisor of lost, stolen or spent Coordinate the timely resupply.
  • Maintain all safety systems
  • Maintain the shop in a safe manner, ensuring that there tripping, driving and walking hazards are minimized or eliminated
  • Remove all waste materials, water, wastes, oily material
  • All containers must be labeled at all
  • Remove derelict equipment. Sell or recycle whichever benefits Envent the most. Report on it and seek
  • Report truck condition and equipment condition weekly via our equipment rating system, A, B, C, or D. All equipment is expected to be in the A rating or plans must be made to get the A condition rating. No equipment shall leave shop below a B condition
  • Maintain all trucks, units, generators in a clean and free of dirt, rust,
  • Clean all equipment upon return to shop and prior to
  • Maintain the equipment ready to
  • Submit at minimum one SCAN audit and one BBS audit per
  • Understand and implement all aspects of the Safe Work Practice Manual (SWPM).
  • Maintain tool room inventory, check out shop tools to other technician as needed and ensure their return to the tool room at the end of the
  • Mark all tools identifying as Envent’s Report any non-returned tools.
  • Maintain shop CUPA/Hazmat
  • Complete and document daily shop/shop audit as detailed in the Safe Work Practice Manual (SWPM). Report. Report and correct
  • Maintain fire extinguishers in compliant
  • Advise any necessary upgrades or improvements to equipment or
  • A shop Technician communicates by face to face or telephone with the location/operation manager, supervisors, dispatcher, safety manager and all operations personnel
  • Keep all informed on the equipment maintenance activities involving daily


The Shop Technician position requires a high school diploma or equivalent. Industry experience will be considered in lieu of formal education. This position requires the ability to understand basic math skills, be highly organized, to be able to communicate clearly and effectively to the work force.

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