Fleet Mechanic

Houston Area – La Porte, TX (Gulf Coast Regional Office)



A Fleet Mechanic, under direction from the Operations Management, repairs, services and performs major and minor repairs to Envent’s automobiles, trucks, tractors and other power-driven equipment. The Fleet Mechanic is responsible for meeting or exceeding all company policies and procedures, state and federal laws and regulations, and must have an unwavering commitment to environmental, safety and health for all employees and clients.



Essential duties may vary according to region, division, area, and/or assignment. Other duties may be assigned.

  1. Inspect automobiles, trucks and related equipment to locate and determine the extent of necessary overhaul and repair.Perform general overhaul and repair work on gasoline and diesel engines at the shop or at off-site locations.
  2. Inspect, adjust and replace necessary units and related parts including valves, hoses, belts and alternators.
  3. Repair cooling, fuel, electrical and exhaust systems; tune engines using standard testing equipment.
  4. Diagnose, repair and maintain hydraulic systems.
  5. Perform preventative maintenance work on vehicles, including lubrication and oil changes.
  6. Fabricate and weld to repair equipment as necessary.
  7. Manage and or perform vehicle body work and collision repair.
  8. Operate vehicles and equipment to aid in diagnostics; pick up and deliver vehicles and parts.
  9. Clean and maintain the garage area and equipment.
  10. Inventory, order and control tools, supplies and materials for garage; research, compare and locate parts equipment, and vehicles.
  11. Maintain records on all maintenance and repair work performed; track recalls, smog inspection dates, DOT/BIT inspections and warranties for all vehicles.
  12. Perform related duties as required.
  13. Provide meaningful suggestions and ideas to improve Envent’s competitive edge.
  14. Attend and participate in daily safety meetings.
  15. Fill out SCAN reports.
  16. Supervisory responsibilities: None



The Fleet Mechanic position requires a high school diploma or equivalent. This position requires at least three (3) years of responsible vehicle and equipment maintenance and repair experience. ASE certification desired, though not mandatory. This position requires the ability to understand basic math skills, to communicate clearly and effectively to the Regional Dispatcher, read and interpret technical documents and or procedures, safety procedures and requirements.



1. Must have the ability and willingness to work in a fast-paced, collaborative working environment.
2. Must be able to work a flexible schedule that meets the needs of a 24/7 operation.
3. Must understand and effectively keep equipment running and minimize any downtime. He or she must be able to communicate to the dispatcher, operation manager, and supervisors that any changes or issues impacting the equipment are properly noticed. Equipment failures or repairs should be monitored and tracked so that equipment is ready for the task at hand.
4. Able to work outdoors in varying weather conditions and walking/traveling to multiple locations throughout the day.
5. Must have experience in diesel motor repair and trailer light wiring. Trailer light wiring and brake inspection/repair is a must for air and electric trailers. Generators and small motor experience a plus.
6. The fleet mechanic must be familiar with and able to conduct all Quarterly and Annual BIT & DOT Vehicle Inspections on heavy trucks, power units and trailers – both conventional and gooseneck.
7. The fleet mechanic will be responsible for all normal maintenance and repairs of all vehicles including straight trucks, pickups, power units, trailers and other rolling stock.
8. He/she be experienced in engines, drive trains, brakes, cooling systems, electrical systems, air systems and other ancillary systems and shall be capable of most repairs in-house.
9. Able to work across business units and navigate organizational structures to achieve consistent and full compliance with federal, state and local regulations and internal policies to ensure compliance and programs/metrics to drive continuous performance improvement.
10. Ability to interact professionally and competently with widely variable internal customers and personnel.
11. Should be familiar with methods, materials, equipment and tools used in vehicle and equipment maintenance and repair,various mechanical systems of gasoline and diesel engines,Various electrical systems of gasoline and diesel engines, Standard practices, equipment and tolls of the automotive and equipment mechanical trade,Principles and practices of gasoline and diesel engine repair and maintenance,Methods and techniques of welding and fabrication, operating and repair characteristics of hydraulic systems.

12. Must be responsive to calls and emails.
13. Must work with a sense of urgency and have excellent follow-up skills.
14. Demonstrated effective people coaching, training and influencing skills.
15. Analytical, general management, people, and computer skills.
16. Excellent language and communication skills.
17. Must be proficient in the care and use of all site specific, facility and customer required Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). The candidate must be able to pass all site specific facility, company and industry tests.
18. Effective negotiating and listening skills.
19. Ability to be persistent, patient, creative, and flexible.
20. Ability to maintain a high energy level.
21. Ability and willingness to learn.
22. Ability to adapt to changing priorities.
23. Ability to assemble information from a variety of sources.
24. Possess self motivation, be responsible and assertive, solve problems, work and achieve agreed upon assigned tasks with little or no supervision and a high degree of common sense.
25. The Fleet Mechanic position does require some travel, such as equipment breakdown calls, periodic supplier visits and for training and enrichment.



Work environment is a combination of office, shop and yard. The Fleet Mechanic position is primarily a shop position with exposure to noise, dust, grease, smoke, fumes, noxious odors, gases and typed of weather and temperature conditions.
The candidate must have the physical ability and mobility to work in a mechanic shop environment. Primary physical functions are walk, stand, sit, stoop, bend, kneel, crouch, crawl, climb, reach and twist. You may on occasion push, pull, lift and or carry up to fifty pounds (50lbs.). You must be physically fit and pass the company physical in order to be qualified to work in this position.

For more information regarding this position or to submit your resume, please email recruiting@envent.net.